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Giro Snow Presents Unplugged Episode 2 Retallack Bc



Snowboarding News | Thursday October 23, 2014 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

Few things get you away from your daily grind. For pro snowboarders, the everyday is a vacation from the realities of the rest of the world. Filming and traveling can take its toll on a person though. So, to unplug from the normal routine and get on a trip with some close friends is the perfect way to break the cycle of repetition. In this episode of Giro Snow’s Unplugged, Curtis Ciszek, Bryan Fox, Nils Mindnich and Seth Huot hit the road for some time away from the massive jumps and mega lines to reconnect with what inspires them to snowboard.

In Giro Snow presents Unplugged episode 2, the crew treks the the interiors of British Columbia Canada to Retallack Lodge. After a month of no snow in most of the northwest part of North America it finally started to snow the day they got there. Once it started it never stopped. Two feet of snow every night opened up the flood gates of heavy fun riding with an amazing crew. Check it out as Curtis, Bryan, Nils and Seth ride some of the best snow of the season and unplug from reality.

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