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Get 5 Board Shapes For The Price Of 1



Snowboarding News | Thursday September 13, 2012 | Shared By: Prospect Snowboards

Snowboard design

There is something that says “not rockstar” to a snowboard brand like using copied shapes from another brands arsenal. There has been an outcry of riders who want a company with more originality. They don’t want cookie cutter snowboards. For small brands this usually means a $5k to $10k investment. It just isn’t realistic. We again, are in a unique position. Not only can we cater to smaller runs, but we can offer you custom shapes for a fraction of the setup price. Now custom snowboard shapes are only a few hundred, making it more accessible to the small companies. Pic your size, width, sidecut, shape your own tips, and what ever else your ride desires. Now you are in the drivers seat. For now this is a test. We’ll offer this until there are just too many damn templates laying around. Expiration 1/1/13.

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