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Fyve Goes To Baw Baw Australia



Snowboarding News | Tuesday August 12, 2014 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

It’s in-season in Australia and the FYVE Snowboards crew headed to Baw Baw Mountain.

From FYVE:

20 hours of driving, 6 hours of snowboarding, 8 hours of partying and the rest will go unknown. To say the least our trip to Baw Baw Mountain was short and sweet. Chains broke on the last stretch there, but it was no worries because the rare occasion of flakes falling from the sky had left us with a fresh layer to enjoy. After a good day of strafing’ the money had been made and party time was in full effect. Before we knew it we were hunting down the van and piling ourselves in.

Featuring Sam Newman, Ryan Linnert, Jeremy Page, Charles Morris, Greg Murray, Marc Triffitt, Shaun Belmore, and Lou Macias. Filmed and edited by Danny Kern and Anton Trivic.

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