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Foreword Fridays Hans Mindnich Full Part



Snowboarding News | Friday December 05, 2014 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

Hans Mindnich is what they call a natural. Since he first strapped in on the trails of Stowe, Vermont, Hans, along with younger brother Nils, has been effortlessly perfecting a style that belies the fact that he’s only 21 years old. Early on, the Mindnich moniker was a staple in the competitive circuit, but slopestyle courses never quite allowed for the boundless trick selection that Hans’ particular take on snowboarding brings forth. It was during free-form sessions at The Launch and Superpark, when Hans began slowly but steadily turning heads with an ability to tackle any transition in front of him with a unique, fluid, and proper style. But these instances were merely foreshadowing what Hans would bring to the table over the most recent winter, when he was given his first opportunity to film a full part for The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Foreword. Spending ample time in the backcountry with the Foreword crew, Hans stacked shots for a segment that has served as an introduction for anyone who hadn’t yet seen him ride and a confirmation for everyone who knew he had it in him. There’s few riders out there like Hans Mindnich, so stay tuned, he’s got a lot of cards he has yet to play.

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