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Footbed Company Sole Has Officially Appointed A New Director Of Us Sales



Snowboarding News | Thursday April 20, 2017 | Shared By: Outdoor Industry Association

Canadian company SOLE™ has established itself as a leader in pain reduction and orthopedic health thanks to their award-winning custom footbeds and footwear. Now, SOLE is poised and ready to have their most successful year yet with the launch of multiple product lines and the appointment of their new Director of US Sales, Zachary Osness.

“We are excited and honored to have Zachary join the SOLE team,” said Founder and CEO Mike Baker. “For sometime, we have been seeking the right individual to fill this critical role for us and Zachary is it.”

Baker cites Osness’ experience in the footwear industry as a source for company-wide confidence and optimism for the coming months. “His track record in selling millions upon millions of dollars in footwear products is a great asset as our footwear assortment continues to grow along with sales,” said Baker. “The SOLE brand has unleashed a myriad of new and innovative products in the last year and Zachary is a critical component to the broader distribution and commercialization of these new product offerings.”

Osness is equally excited for the expansion of SOLE’s product lines. “We have an amazingly talented team committed to the continuing expansion of the robust product assortment of SOLE footbeds and footwear [made using recycled cork] that will see lasting, meaningful innovation in the footwear category,” said Osness.

He continued, stating that this is a “Pivotal moment for the brand as we launch our range of industry-changing recycled cork footbeds and footwear. There has been an incredible amount of effort put into this endeavor.”

The products that SOLE will be launching in the coming months are all made using 100% environmentally sustainable recycled cork from ReCORKTM, North America’s largest natural wine cork recycling program of which SOLE is the founding member. These new product lines include Beach Flips, a collection of low-profile, casual sandals, a variety of

footbeds, the District collection, featuring men’s and women’s luxury footwear and the Inhale and Gasp collections, two lines of men’s and women’s footwear made with an engineered knit and removable SOLE footbeds.

“The momentum is building at SOLE and I am honored to lead the US team in realizing SOLE’s full potential in the USmarket,” said Osness. “We look forward to further developing the SOLE business with our retail partners to bring our customers a truly original and innovative range of products.”

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About SOLE 

Born in Vancouver, Canada, SOLE is an eco-minded active lifestyle footwear brand. Always aiming to improve quality of life, the SOLE culture is oriented around community, sustainability, pain relief, and looking for new ways to accomplish traditional business goals. To learn more, visit

About ReCORK

ReCORK is sponsored by SOLE and is North America’s largest natural cork recycling initiative. ReCORK gives wine corks new life in the form of footwear and other upcycled products. The ReCORK initiative is based in the US and has over 1800 collection partners. Learn more at 

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