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Flow Tips: Ways To Stay In Snowboarding Shape



Snowboarding News | Tuesday September 13, 2016 | Shared By: Flow

The first few rounds of snowstorms hitting the Northern Hemisphere has snowboarders already looking towards the coming winter. While we are all jonesing for winter, now is the time to be honest with yourself. Have you stayed in riding shape this off-season? Don't be huffing and puffing at your first runs down the mountain. Do what you can to make sure your cardio and core are up to par for your trips up the mountain. Here are some tips and activities that our Flow Ambassadors partake in so they can keep themselves in riding shape for the upcoming winter. 

Mountain Biking

Flow Austria Ambassador Bas Elhorst on a mountain bike ride in the Austrian Alps. Mountain biking is a perfect way to keep your cardio and core in shape. Most mountain resorts also offer mountain biking in the off season. It is a perfect way to explore your local hills and get familar with the terrain that lies below the snow we ride.


Josh Schrader of Outdoor Adventure Research hiking the Grand Canyon, Arizona. We all know hiking up a mountain or on a trail isn't as exciting if you can't kick in and ride down, but it's the perfect way to make sure you'll keep your lungs on those early season hikes.


Flow Ambassador Celia Miller running in the Discrete Peak Series Race. Whether it's a jog around your neighborhood, competing in a marathon or even hunting Pokemon, take a cue from Forest Gump and go outside and run.


Flow Global Professional Sarka Pancochova surfing in France. If you already know how to surf, this is already a no brainer. Get in the water and paddle out. If you always wanted to learn how to surf, the paddling to the outside past the shore break alone is enough to keep your core fit. Learn how to read the waves and breaks the same way you spot your line in the snow.


Flow Ambassador Caleb Bonneville skateboarding in Truckee, California. For a lot of us, we were travelling sideways on these boards before we touched the snow. With the proliferation of skate parks and street features, grab your skateboard and hit the streets, parks and ramps.

Stand Up Paddleboarding

Flow Global Professional Shin Biyajima stand up paddleboarding in Japan. Explore you local water ways and coastlines on a paddleboard. The core workout from the balance alone, mixed with touring and distance paddling is a perfect way to keep yourself fit for the upcoming season.


Flow Slovenia Ambassador Urska Pribosic sending it on a rockclimb. One of the best ways to keep your core strength at it's best is sending it... upwards. Before you decide to free solo it up your closest cliff face, try one of your local climbing gyms or local bouldering spots. Just like the park, start small. Master it. Then bring it to the bigger line.


Flow Micron Zavier Bonneau Bowen getting comfortable with being inverted. Gymnastics, trampoline and tumbling classes are a great way to increase your overall balance and coordination. The invention of airbags, padded floors and foam pits have given us the opportunity to do this with less impact on our bodies as we are getting familiar with getting inverted.

Wakeboarding / Wakesurfing

Flow Ambassador Jordan Nield wakesurfing on Lake Tahoe. Weather your're being towed by a boat or tow rope, or feeling the flow by wakesurfing, here's another opportunity to enjoy the snow when it melts.

...or you can just keep Snowboarding

Flow Ambassador Chris DePaula summer snowboarding at the Camp of Champions snowboard camp at Whistler Blackcomb, Canada. Just because you local hill stops spinning the lifts, doesn't mean your season has to end. There are a few summer camps that could keep you snowboarding well into the summer. If you're really getting after it, head to the mountains of South America or Australia. Remember winter never ends. It travels the world. 

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