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Flow Ambassador Corey Kowalski's Favorite Riding Spots In Canada



Snowboarding News | Friday June 24, 2016 | Shared By: Flow

Flow Snowboarding had a chance to catch up with Canadian Ambassador Corey Kowalski to discuss a few of his favorite resorts and backcountry spots to ride up in Canada.

4. Big White Ski Resort, Kelowna, BC

"Big White in Kelowna, BC delivers a variety of options. Allot of really great tree riding on every run usually with some fresh snow to be slashed. At the top an open bowl you can drop in a bomb down as mellow or as hard as you would like with the option to lean into your turns for as long as you would like. The Telus terrain park has a big crew always changing up the features and are on site all day long maintaining from top to bottom. Its a great place to progress from riding park to freeriding and also a very fun place to hangout with lots of other activities on the mountain."

3. Revelstoke Mountain Resort, Revelstoke, BC

"Revelstoke Mountain Resort in BC is a really wicked place located minutes from the town center and an insane amount of fresh snow constantly falling. The mountain is well known for freeriding this past season they had a terrain park that my friend actually helped build and maintained this year that was incredibly fun and had great flow. When you reach the top of the chairlift if you hike out of bounds either left or right you can always find some amazing snow and natural features to hit. The town of Revelstoke is also surrounded by a big number of mountains that are incredible for backcountry riding, my favorite days riding backcountry I would have to say were in Revelstoke with my friends Jean-Guy Michaud, who is a local and also my friend Jay Britton."

2. The Kootenays, BC 

"The Kootenays is an area in the lower part of BC. A bunch of smaller towns that offer really fun street spots to film at that have been in many snowboard movies and also a number of really great backcountry mountains. There are also 2 very well known mountains located in the Kootenays one in Rossland, BC called Red Mountain that has 2,919ft vertical drop an average of 760cm snowfall per year and 7 lifts. The other mountain is located in Nelson, BC and it is called White Water Resort offering 3 chairs, 81 runs and average of 1219cm snowfall per year. I personally have never rode the resorts in these 2 towns, only backcountry and street. But I hear some really great stories of both. The towns get hit with lots of snow so filming for a full video part is always a treat when travelling here. Very relaxed and friendly vibes from all the locals, making it a comfortable spot to be."

1. Whistler Blackcomb, Whistler, BC

"Whistler Blackcomb is a incredible place to ride, I enjoy it most for how long you are able to ride for. There are so many options in Whistler from freeriding to park its simply amazing. Slashing super deep powder to riding slushy park snow in the spring or summer this place gives you plenty of time on the board to keep you smiling. I really enjoy how many people you meet here as well, lots of great riders with a super friendly atmosphere. The village offers everything you could need so after riding if your hungry or looking for something to do you do not need to venture off far."

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