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Flow's Dale Rehberg Interview With Old Guys Rip Too



Snowboarding News | Tuesday May 31, 2016 | Shared By: Flow

SAN CLEMENTE, California - Flow Snowboarding Director of Marketing Dale Rehberg was recently interviewed by Chris and the crew at Old Guys Rip Too, giving you a glimpse into the life of one of the Midwest greats. Born and raised in the rolling hills of Wisconsin, Rehberg migrated west to mountains of Colorado, California and Washington. 

"I got into snowboarding from seeing it at the local mall," explained Rehberg in the interview. "Someone had set-up a little desk and had an old Sims movie playing. I really have no idea who it was or how they knew about snowboarding, but that was the spark that lit the fire. I was an avid water skier growing up, I did all the mid-west events and focused on slalom skiing. I also was involved with the local water ski club and did jumping, barefoot and all that. Of course I was into Skating as well. that was my real passion growing up for sure."

Check out the full interview with Old Guys Rip Too HERE

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