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Field Test: The New Fidlock Shorts



Snowboarding News | Friday May 19, 2017 | Shared By: Coldsmoke" alt="07210004 2 copy" width="1280" height="849" />

After a winter of record rains, it’s the perfect time of year to wander the So-Cal mountains in search of once-in-a-decade swimming holes and waterfalls." alt="07210036 copy" width="1280" height="849" />

So a few weeks ago we drove north to Ojai’s Matilija valley, one of our favorite places on earth and spent the day scrambling through the deep gorges." alt="01430022 2 copy" width="679" height="1024" />" alt="01430026 2 copy" width="1280" height="849" />

The overgrown trails, steep boulder strewn ravines, and frequent swimming holes made this the perfect terrain to test our new Fidlock shorts." alt="07210033 2 copy" width="1280" height="849" />

After hours of boulder hopping and creek crossings we were rewarded with an epic double-tiered waterfall." alt="07210024 2 copy" width="1280" height="849" />

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