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Feature Presentation Top 28 Terrain Park Photos Of The Week Super Gallery



Snowboarding News | Thursday February 27, 2014 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

This week’s Feature Presentation contains a whooping twenty-eight photos full of all the transition, metal, and more to get your stoked to strap in. It’s a stack of images that we are stoked on and hope you enjoy as well. The jump and rail lines are firing across the US and judging by these photos, the park laps and sessions have been heavy in the past week. As some areas of the US experience spring temps as we move into March, you know how the old saying goes with the lamb and the lion…when early March is mellow, we hope for storms as the month goes on–which not only means deep turns, but also lots of snow for your local park crew to keep cranking out new features to satiate your appetite for park laps. Enjoy this Feature Presentation Super Gallery and get out there!

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For more from these terrain parks:

Trollhaugen - @trollhaugentroll
Mountain Creek
 – Mountain Creek and @mountaincreek on Instagram
 – @killingtonparks on Instagram and Killington Parks
Park City
 – @irideparkcity on Instagram
 – @LoonParksNH and #looneveryday
Mount Snow
 – @carinthiaparks
 – Sugarbush Parks and @SugarbushParks
 – @keystonea51
 – @brightonresort
Seven Springs
 – @ride7springs

Northstar California – follow on Instagram and Twitter: #NorthstarParks
 – @sierra_at_tahoe
 - @highrollerparks and #highrollerparks and High Roller Terrain Parks
Nashoba Valley – 
Nashoba Valley Terrain Parks
Mt. Bachelor
 – @mtbachelor and #bachelorparks
Summit at Snoqualmie - 
Ski Butternut – 
- @wachusettparks
Waterville Valley
 – @wvparks and #everybodyslovingit

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