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Feature Presentation March 5 2015 Top Terrain Park Photos Of The Week



Snowboarding News | Thursday March 05, 2015 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

It’s Thursday and that means that it’s almost the weekend, which means it’s the perfect time for park laps (unless of course you’re taking runs today, which is well, awesome). It also means that it’s that time of the week when we round up shots of the latest in any of your favorite terrain parks and it’s the time when you can let your mind wander to freshly raked take offs instead of newly received emails and homework assignments. And it’s also time that we have wasted with these words while you could have been looking at this photos gallery that presents plentiful hours put in by park crews across North America to provide the most creative, the most burly, the most fun, and the most pristine features for your park lap pleasure. Click through, enjoy, and #thankaparkranger.

Check out last week’s Feature Presentation photo gallery.

For more from these resorts:

Sunshine Village
– @shredssv and #ssvterrainpark
- @trollhaugentroll
Big Boulder Park 
- @bigboulderpark
 – @keystonea51Killington– @killingtonparks and Killington Parks
 – @LoonParksNH and #looneveryday
Mount Snow
– @carinthiaparks
Mountain Creek
– @mountaincreek and Mountain Creek
– @okemoparks and #okemoparks
Stevens Pass
- @stevenspassparks and #stevenspassparks
– @wachusettparks and @wachusettmtn
Waterville Valley
 – @wvparks and #everybodyslovingit
Whistler Blackcomb
– @whistlerblackcomb
Woodward Tahoe
- @woodwardtahoe

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