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Ernie Does La Part One



Snowboarding News | Wednesday February 06, 2013 | Shared By: Ashbury Eyewear

2013 has been go go go go go for me. I’m finally normal enough to blog. Ernie Torres came down to LA for about a week and a half to skate and stay with me. Here’s part 1. Cameron Strand wearing my very special Laker colored Daytrippers.

Cameron and Rich Dodds enthusiastic about La Fayette Park.

I’m about to pinch Ernie’s frontside flip.

This spot is one of the closer spots to my house.

Skater byrd.

Party fire.

Ernie, Massimo Cavedoni, and I walked into a late night fast food feast with Cameron and Rich.

Cameron and Ernie being serenaded.

Ernie’s people. @cuates

While heading out to a sports apparel store, we ran into Big Mountain Mike.

Then we ran into this little guy. Nineties Massimo and this bad boi hit it off.

Jon Kooley was in town as well. He might move to LA! (Fingers crossed)

Ernie warming up with a nollie heel.

Rich singing about everyone in the room.

Ernie broke our ride’s car!

I forget what they were ro shaming for now.

Rich and Agina dancing alone.

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