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Erin Comstock Full Part



Snowboarding News | Friday November 01, 2013 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

2013 marked Erin Comstock’s tenth year filming video parts. Segments in movies from Standard, Runway, Stance, Park City, Misschief, Vans, and Roxy make this Salt Lake local one of the most storied female snowboarders to date. It takes a lot of talent, dedication, and energy to remain an influential part of snowboarding for over a decade and during her tenure, Erin has never wavered in her drive to challenge the phrase “women’s snowboarding” and redefine it on her own terms. She has done that with considerable style; Erin’s textbook frontboards and back ones have been inspiration for a legion of female riders and likely a fair amount of dudes, too. While this full part may be Erin’s last, we’re confident that the passion for snowboarding that she has shared over the past decade will continue to be a strong influence for riders across the board.

A note from Erin:

As I end my final filming season, I want to thank everyone who helped me throughout my career. I made this last video part with all the passion I feel for snowboarding and the gratitude I have for how long I’ve been able to do what I love so much. My career goal has been to increase exposure for women shredders. I know there can always be more women snowboarding films and editorial out there!

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