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Epic Week



Snowboarding News | Sunday November 08, 2015 | Shared By: Signal Snowboards

With the snow beginning to fall and the mountains starting top open why not make it an Epic week. Here at Signal we profile our Epic retro powder shred. Inspired by the ETT we did with Terry Kidwell, the Epic is all about the roots of a retro 80’s board with modern construction. This short tailed, big nose pow shredder is such a fun board to ride. Quick edge to edge, the Epic will keep you on top of the deepest snow and having you cutting through chutes and trees with ease and speed. Definitely a board for your collection and one that will inspire you to look for new lines and give you the confidence to float and carve effortlessly through whatever’s in line is in front of you. This year it may be time for you to get Epic! 

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