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Eiki Helgason Joins Horsefeathers Clothing Team



Snowboarding News | Tuesday May 19, 2015 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag" alt="EikiHelgason-news-May15-630" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-112511" height="248" width="630" />

Winter 2014/15 is fading out and in the meanwhile, in the preparation for the new season, Horsefeathers Clothing come with several new riders on the snowboard team. One of them is Eiki Helgason of the world-famous Helgasons bros and one of the most creative riders around. His parts always surprise and stoke everyone.

“For me Eiki represents creative and fun snowboarding, especially nowadays, when we quite often see the “gymnastic “aspect. For me this means why we all love snowboarding and why create and run brands like ours. I‘m stoked that Eiki is part of our team and I‘m looking forward to what this creative collaboration will bring, ” says Tomas Koudela, Horsefeathers Marketing Manager.

Eiki visited the company headquarters in Pilsen (CZE) last week, where he met the whole Horsefeathers crew and participated in the development of his signature line for the 16/17 season. Of course he did not miss out on tasting the legendary Pilsner beer as well.

“Eiki is a friendly and interesting person. I like riders who are not only great snowboarders, but people who operate well on a human and professional level, and Eiki is exactly that kind of guy. I see our cooperation as really positive.” comments the new team rider Hanus Salz, the co-owner of Horsefeathers.

Eiki´s signature line will be released on ISPO 2016 in Munich and will include Outerwear and Streetwear products with a significant Eiki x HF logo which he will co-design. It is already clear that his fans already have something to look forward to.

Eiki is enthusiastic with the new partner and comments his entry into the Horsefeathers Clothing team: “I´m super stoked on starting to work together with the Horsefeathers crew, I really believe in this brand and I think it has a lot of potential to grow all over the world & I´m happy to be a part of that.”

Now we just have to look forward to what the cooperation will bring in the years to come and say: welcome to the Horsefeathers Clothing team Eiki!







Eiki Helgason



Instagram: @ eikih87

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