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Downtown Throwdown Boston 2014



Snowboarding News | Thursday October 23, 2014 | Shared By: Lib Technologies

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It wasn’t the Bruins, Ben Affleck, Sox or Celtics that brought the parade through the streets of downtown Beantown last weekend, “kehd”. It was the 9th annual (11th ever) Lib Tech’s Downtown Throwdown…just two T stops away from the “Havahd Yahd” at the City Hall Plaza. Photos by Tim Zimmerman

After a hot cup’a Dunkin and a Boston Crème, Eastern Boarder’s Bub carefully scouted and selected the local talent that would be competing in The Feeders! event. For 30 minutes these Yankees battled for entry to the main event, but only 3 would ride with the angst and drive of Paul Revere. Parker Szumowski, Tim Major and Shaun Murphy floated to the top of the pot, like a couple of boiled “lobstahs”, and would move on.

Shortly after E-Jack, Jamie Lynn, Jesse Burtner, Ted Borland, Surf’s Ryan Carlson and Skate’s Sky Siljeg offered there John Hancock’s to a bunch of Chowdah Heads, the Boston Police Department’s Pipes and Drums played us into the big show. With talent at its peak, and the Throwdown near the Boston “Harbah”, businessmen, bums, babes, Bundy’s parents and Bostonians funneled in from Faneuil Hall and strayed from the Freedom Trail to watch Borland, Bailey, Reis, and Rav set Siege on Boston as if the Red Coats were back in town.

Eric Jackson, Scott E. Wittlake and Sean Genovese had final say on who would be getting this years’ giant cardboard IOU’s. Five took the “Cheddah”: Ryan Paul, Jesse Paul, Ted Borland, Dillon Ojo, Brandon Reis. Crab Grab’s Seafood Dinner Went to Dillon Ojo, and the Wicked Pissah Award went to Jeremy Cloutier. Lib Tech’s Swedish team riders Erik Karlsson and Zebbe Landmark lead the charge to the bar where Tittyfish (Wes Makepeace and Jamie Lynn) shut their DJ down and a good night was had by all. Huge thanks to Adidas Snowboarding, Snowboarder Mag, Loon Parks, Eastern Boarder, Windells,, Snowboy Productions, the city of Boston, Norm, Sam, Carla, Diane, Coach, Frazier, Woody, Rebecca and Cliff. Cheers!

2014 Results:

  • Ryan Paul – $8000

  • Jesse Paul – $5000

  • Ted Borland – $3000

  • Dillon Ojo – $2000

  • Brandon Reis – $1000

    Wicked Pissah Best Trick – Jeremy Cloutier – $500

    Crab Grab’s $500 Seafood Dinner – Dillon Ojo

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    Another legendary city, new features, next level shredding and $20K in prize money…it’s gonna be a wicked pissah!The Downtown Throwdown (DTTD) has grown from a local DIY project to the most anticipated and respected urban snowboarding event in the world, while entertaining tens of thousands of people over the past eight years in Seattle, San Francisco and Minneapolis. “I’m so stoked to bring this event to Boston” said event creator Krush Kulesza, “when we decided to bring it to the East Coast, this was the obvious choice…plus man…Aerosmith!”

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