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Dope Industries Duh Mixtape



Snowboarding News | Thursday February 12, 2015 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

D.O.P.E. industries just dropped their newest video Duh Mixtape in conjunction with the beginning of DUH BOLTS, a hardware company that DOPE has stated. The above video the PG-13 version, but if you want to see the raw reel, you can purchase the DVD on the DOPE TV website. If you do that, you also get a package of DUH BOLTS and a limited edition sticker. So, once you’ve watched the full movie, you can make sure your skateboard is rolling easy with DUH BOLTS.

Click here to get in on DUH BOLTS right away, and watch the uncut shredding of Scot Brown, E-Man Anderson, Layne Treeter, Cody Wilson, Derek Molinski, Jody Wachniak, Tyler O’Grady, Mitch Pryma, Alex Stathis, Ryan Tarbell, Lucas Magoon, Will Bateman, Tanner Davidson, Matt Butel, Keenan Filmer, Logan Haubrich, Andrew Geeves, Ben Bilocq, Andrew Burns, Joel Loverin, and Rusty Ockenden.

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