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Dj Vu World Premiere In Qubec City



Snowboarding News | Thursday September 05, 2013 | Shared By: Vans

The last twenty-four hours in Québec City, Canada have been hectic for the “Déjà Vu” crew. Will Lavigne’s phone has been ringing off the hook, and so has Phil Jacques’, Alex Cantin’s, Louif Paradis’, and Nic Sauve’s. Hayden Rensch and Greg Desjardins are holed up in Greg’s house, frantically editing the final product of a film widely hailed as the most anticipated movie to hit the silver screen since “The Art of Flight.” But you’d never know by the looks of it. These guys are calm, collected, and enjoying every minute of their time in the spotlight.

Nearly seven years ago, “Bandwagon” hit the snowboard scene like a derailed freight train, and not only did it resonate with the North American fans who bore witness to the best jibbing of our generation, it kick-started the careers of eight upstarts from Québec that have upheld more relevance than any other street savvy snowboarders in recent memory. Their names are Louif Paradis, Laurent-Nicolas Paquin,Phil Jacques, Frank April, Nic Sauve, Ben Bilocq, Will Lavigne, and Alex Cantin, and they have single-handedly re-written the history books in regard to how handrails, wallrides, gap-outs, and any other urban feature can–and should–be ridden.

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[i]Words and photos: T. Bird.[/i]

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