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Dispatches: Red Bull Snowmusement



Snowboarding News | Tuesday January 12, 2016 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

photos and words: Aaron Blatt

In the spring of 2015, snow was stacked up on the East Coast so heavily. It was crazy. There was snow in the driveways, snow in the gutters, snow down the chimney, and best of all there was snow at Action Park, the big waterpark at Mountain Creek in Vernon, New Jersey. The folks over at Red Bull decided to use this enormous amount of snow to do something new. They took over Action Park, flew in the Gerard Brothers, Toby Miller, and some friends, and had them all do whatever they wanted with the frozen water slides, frozen water features, and frozen ponds that the water park had to offer. It was tight. Check the feature in the January issue of SNOWBOARDER Magazine, and for now, enjoy a few photos from Red Bull Snowmusement.

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