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Dispatches Full Moon In Italy With Robin Van Gyn



Snowboarding News | Tuesday April 21, 2015 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

words and photos: Robin Van Gyn

Think castles and pizza, then cappuccino and really cute old people. Now mix that in with a power storm, mountains and an crew of chicks with the lyrics to T. Swift on lock. The picture is painted. Elena Hight, Helen Schettini, Hana Beaman, Kaitlyn Farrington, Scotty Arnold and myself posse’d up for a week in Gressoney-la-Trinite, in Italy. Not meaning to brag, but we put in the time and research to figure this one out and we nailed it. It was like a perfect storm cycle starting with the pow days (3), some sunnny days (3) and ending in one hot-as-shit tanning and apres days (1, ok maybe 2…okay, we apre’d every day pretty much)

Zeo, our guide hooked it up from the start with the empty tree laps and pillow fields. What’s crazy about Europe is you lap to the top of your lines for the most part. We are used to a good hike or a snowmobile lift to the top for drop in, but here the lap to the top consists of awkwardly attempting to chat with an Italian five-year-olds on the chairlift. Not bad, not bad at all. So much more snowboarding involved, it’s the shit. Everything and in between in Gressoney, the terrain can host any condition or rider and it does. News got out about the storm and we were high fiving crews from all over the globe as we passed through their latest build or hike. Best part about that is,the apres is always bigger. Without fail, we ended up at Colle Betta, the mountain’s best and most awesome pizza joint run by the second nicest guy in Italy (apart from Zeo). It was the go-to hang spot with obvious snowboard love in the air. Danielle, the owner, had his custom shapes mounted above the bar waiting for powder days. Dedication is living at the top of the mountain so you can be the first guy to the goods, righteous! After a few insane shred/tan/apres days, it got baked and the gig was up. Commence crew scatter, but only until we see another 200+ cm in the forecast.

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