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Dirksen Derby Film Festival: 9th Annual Derby Welcomes First Annual Film Fest



Snowboarding News | Sunday December 13, 2015 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

words: T. Bird

While the on-mountain activities are underway at the ninth annual Dirksen Derby and it is absolutely hammering snow up on Mt. Bachelor, the nightlife has begun as well, as last night, hundreds of Dirksen Derby elites were out on the town in Bend, Oregon for the first annual Dirksen Derby Film Festival. The thing about the Dirksen Derby is that it’s always evolving, ever-growing, and this year is no different. Together with the help of a handful of filmers and photographers, Josh Dirksen, Robot Food royalty and the founder of this gathering, put together an unbelievable evening where this small community could reward both local and farflung photographers and filmers with a chance to showcase their work while raising money for Tyler Eklund, a young snowboarder who tragically became paralyzed while snowboarding. Of note is that this event has as of this year raised over $100,000 for Tyler, and this is simply outstanding. Last night, at Wille Hall in Bend, the crowd eagerly anticipated the video and photo show, and the participants were Tyler Eklund himself, who submitted the film “Derby Day,” famed Euro pro DBK, who put together an edit of the Swiss Alps, Former Forum filmer and South Lake radman Kyle Schwartz who made “Tahoe Turning,” We Film For Food star Nick Russell with “Baker Daze,” Vans lensman and Bend legend Jake Price with “Director’s Cut,” Shane Peel with “Gentem Pow Surfing,” Ravi Drugan with “Sit Ski Speed” and Déjà Vu and Vans guru Tanner Pendleton with “Mediocre Madness.” There was also an airing of a snippet of the documentary “Momenta,” which touches upon the hot topic of burning coal and the dangerous Carbon emissions that it causes. Even though it was only ten minutes of the film that was aired, I’m sure that this film is a must watch.

There was also a photo slideshow from local photographer Andy Tullis, TWS staffer Andrew Miller, Frequency photo boss Colin Wiseman, Transworld’s Photo Director Chris Wellhausen, Bachelor badass Pete Alport, legendary shooter Chris Owen and everyone’s favorite couch surfer, chef and tour guide in Japan Rip Zinger. The rules were simple. All the filmers and photographers submitted their work and they were judged on the quality of the filming and editing, the quality of snowboarding and crowd approval (meaning that the crowd cheering dictates how well it will do.

Though we didn’t get to hear the results, they will be announced on Sunday at the 9th Annual Dirksen Derby awards ceremony, where the new on-hill and off-hill Dirksen Derby champions will be crowned, so make sure to check back to to find out who the winners from the best weekend in snowboarding were. For now, check out a gallery from an amazing night at an incredible event.

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