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Deja Vu Encore Will Lavigne Full Part



Snowboarding News | Wednesday November 18, 2015 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

This is the kind of snowboarding that Will Lavigne puts down regardless of environment and situation: he arrives, effortless drops in and throws down, and then rides away from some of the most legit street tricks that currently populate our snowboarding vernacular. And each shot collected by this French Canadian phenom is always burly. The drops are massive, the transfers are tech, the redirects are precarious and consequential and each time, the trick selection is more than impressive. But what’s even more impressive? How modest Will remains despite being one of the most talented jibbers shaping the state of snowboarding. In Deja Vu’s Encore, Will once again provides the opener to the film, a daunting task considering the depth of talent in the Deja crew. And of course, this Quebecois rider rises to the occasion, landing a litany of tricks that serve not only as a hell of a part but also prepare the viewer for yet another insane movie from the entire crew. It’s no surprise that Will is adept at pulling double duty with the resolute prowess he always diligently displays when strapped in. So sit back and enjoy a striking segment from Will Lavigne in Deja Vu’s Encore.

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