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Comune Santa Ynez River Run And Campout Visual Recap



Snowboarding News | Tuesday September 22, 2015 | Shared By: Comune

// Ever dream of wide open spaces filled with hipster beer, campfires, hidden estuaries, hammock-perfect trees, adorable puppies, and enough rad people to write home about? Let us tell you, there is a place. Into the Santa Ynez hills, east of the picturesque coast of Santa Barbara, the Land of Milk and Honey exists. A place where you can ride your motorcycle, shoot your pellet gun, trip out on who-knows-what, and get lost into the infinity of stars free from urban light.This place can now be known as the unofficial tribal grounds of COMUNE’s Campout and River Run adventure of 2015.

// Three days and two nights of non-stop recklessness alongside the abandonment of all responsibilities, (besides those pertaining to tequila, public nudity and glow sticks). The first day was spent cruising up the coast to the campground, exploring the hills surrounding the campsite, and entertaining campfires. The second day was spent frolicking, surfing, and sleeping, (hungover) in the sand at Jalama Beach. While the third day was spent exhaustedly packing up while chatting with (now) close friends about the previous nights fire dancing, in addition to wondering, “So when’s the next trip?”

// In the end, the trip proved to be an endless road of social ecstasy and visual distortion as cool people gathered around the campfire each night to talk about their life adventures and laugh uncontrollably at stories that would make no sense sober. Fortunately, there was only one tent fatality during the knife throwing tournament, only a single camper injured by hammock, and only one tarantula sighting. If you were there to witness this explosion of spilled beer, social chaos, and motorcycle dust, we thank you for adventuring with us. If you weren’t there, and you didn’t witness any of this…


Thank you PBR for the booze, and thank you Shwood for the shades. Also, an extended thank you to Chris Velasco for the epic photos." />" />" />" />" />" />" />" />" />" />" />" />" />" />" />" />" />" />" />" />" />" />" />" />" />" />" />" />" />" />" />" />" />" />" />" />" />" />" />" />" />" />" />" />" />" />" />

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