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Coffee And Cigs: D Day Snowboards At Holy Bowly



Snowboarding News | Friday May 27, 2016 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

They stormed South Park in early April, decimating all transition in their path. The D-Day Snowboards crew, who officially welcomed Gooner to their team at Bowly, is made up of some talented riders who are known for their out-of-the-box approach to snowboarding when hitting more traditional features, so when the team rolled up to the creative set up at Mammoth, they really let loose on the rollers, berms, boobs, and hips. Luckily legit lensman Beef was there to record everything that went down. Presenting D-Day’s Coffee and Cigs featuring Lucas Magoon, Vinny, Cody Horan, Levi Faust, Deadlung, Dave Doman, Chris Roach, Mike Ranquet, Andrew Burns, and Jaromie the Homie.

Video by bEEF with additional shots by Dave Doman and Leif Draznin-French.

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