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Cody Week



Snowboarding News | Sunday October 04, 2015 | Shared By: Signal Snowboards

It’s Cody Beiersdorf  week here at Signal. For those of you that don’t know Cody personally, he is a solid mid-western boy with ninja like style on a snowboard. He has been part of the Signal family for many years now and it’s always fun to ride with Cody. We always have a good time hanging with Cody and on one of our favorite trips to Japan with him he took on the daunting task of riding the Karoke ETT. It was hilarious and it had a 26 inch stance I think and he still man handled that thing. He is currently touring Europe on a little vacation tour hitting places like Greece, Germany and France. You can follow him on his adventures here on instagram. Cody’s board is built for the streets. Cody has a deep bag of tricks and MANuevers and he needs a board that can handle what he’s throwing down. The Dragon Slayer, as we like to call it, is a sick graphic. It’s a true twin with a medium flex with a radial sidecut and blunted nose and tail shape. Cody’s board is currently in stock and comes in a 150. Ride the Dragon!

• Cody’s boards have triaxial glass both below and above the core as well as a carbon “X” on the tail for added strength.

• All Cody’s boards are Camber

• The core is Spruce with Poplar stringers

• The core has a Bolstered Park Profile — which is thicker near the inserts

• Cody's boards have triaxial glass both above and below the core— with Carbon X on the tail

• Blunted nose and tail

• Sintered die cut base

• artwork by Robert Tritthardt:







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