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Check Out The Teaser For Phil Tardifs Fullpark A Part With A Difference Lets



Snowboarding News | Tuesday August 05, 2014 | Shared By: Bataleon

Check out the teaser for Phil Tardif's FULLPARK, a part with a difference. Let's have Phil explain:

"After my big car accident in august last year, I wasn't allowed to board till February 2014. I decided I would take a year off, of filming street part and would only concentrate on this fun project. Fullpark is a part I made with Alex Girouard ( the filmer ) with no expectation, except having fun with my friends and doing tricks that I like to do, that I feel comfortable with for my neck that got hurt in the accident. Fullpark is all filmed in the same park, witch is the backyard of one of my friend. We built it all with our hands. So check it, here is the teaser. Thanks to Bataleon snowboards and Westbeach outerwear for making it possible. It's an honor for me to be snowboarding again and keep doing what I love the most."

Yes Phil, check it out:

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