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Celebrating Aaron Robinson A Rob Blake Paul Alex Yoder And More Smash Life In Chile



Snowboarding News | Wednesday November 05, 2014 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

photos: Jeff Hawe

In celebration of Aaron Robinson’s birthday, a few of his friends, Blake Paul, Sam Tuor, and Jeff Hawe wanted to honor A-Rob and the passion he had for snowboarding by releasing his movie, Manifest, along with a gallery of a trip to Chile that the crew took a few years ago. Speaking with these guys even just over email, it’s easily apparent how much love they share for Aaron and how the legacy that he has left with those he touched–his incredible enthusiasm for making turns on his snowboard, the way he welcomed others to join him, and the excitement and enjoyment he spread each day–influences their snowboarding. Here at SNOWBOARDER, we were more than honored they asked us to help them showcase these photos and video. Manifest will be released shortly, but until then, enjoy these photos by Jeff Hawe and words from Blake Paul.

From Blake Paul regarding Manifest:

There’s a lot I could write about this project. It’s interesting to revisit and try and come up with an explanatory description. For everyone involved this was much more than a snowboard video; a deeper feeling lies beneath the surface. In winter 2011-12, Aaron Robinson set out to do his own thing alongside videographer Sam Tuor, his brother Jason Robinson, Alex Yoder, Kyle Miller, Skylar Thornton, Ben Lynch, Tim Eddy, myself, and our friends. I don’t think he had much of a plan, he never really did, living spontaneously and sort of floating through life. He was one of those people you look at and wonder how he really does it. Aaron gave me a chance to film in the backcountry and travel to down to Chile. He showed me the importance of just putting everything aside and winging it. I am forever grateful for the things he left with me and the rest of the world. Aaron Manifested this video and left his legacy with us. This movie came out in the fall off 2012 but was taking down do to some problems with a copyright issue. We thought it was time for the video to resurface. Happy Birthday A-Rob!

“Snowboarding is much more than banger after banger, it’s a journey, it’s euphoria, it’s pain, it’s excitement, it’s fear, it’s meeting new people, it’s sending it, it’s SNOWBOARDING .” – Aaron Robinson

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