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Catching Up With Flow Global Ambassador Mario Wanger



Snowboarding News | Monday March 28, 2016 | Shared By: Flow

Flow had a moment to catch up with Global Ambassador Mario Wanger in Austria to see how this winter has been treating him. Europe has been light on the snowfall which kept his travels pretty regional in Europe this winter. He talks about what crew he's been filming with for the his upcoming film. He also talks about which Flow board he uses as his quiver filler. Here is the brief Q & A we had with Wanger:

How has the winter out in Europe been this year?

Winter here in Europe was pretty tricky this season. Not much snow and super avey danger most of the time.

Where is home base for you? What are local resorts do you typically head to?

My homebase is for sure Zillertal, Austria. We have resorts like Mayrhofen, Zell am Ziller, Kaltenbach and Hintertux as a glacier. So kind of everything you could ask for :D

Where else have your travels taken you this winter?

I haven't been travelling too much this season. But I did go to Slovenia which was super good. They probably had one of the best snowfalls this season. I also went to some places in Italy and around the Arlberg, Austria area.

Describe your best day riding this winter?

It was in a small resort called Venet. That day we (Mario Käppeli) had bluebird and 30cm of fresh blower pow. We nearly had the whole resort on our own. That day was for sure one for the books.

Any projects or movies you are filming for this winter?

Yep, sure I'm filming for the Boyz n' Toyz movie this season, which is dropping in fall. It'll include riders like Tom Klocker, Mario Käppeli, Werni Stock and some other friends.

Any new tricks you were able to get in the trick bag this winter?

I tried some new tricks but I wasn't able to land them. Hopefully it snows one more time, so I can try to land them again.

You have a lot of great shots from the backcountry... do you usually sled out there, splitboard or hike out?

It would be so good to sled out here in Europe, but they are not allowed. So usually we hike everything with the vert snowshoes. If the hike is to long, we take the splitboard for sure.

What is your current quiver of boards?

For me the best board is for sure the Blackout, it has everything you need. You can ride pow, park and rails with this gun.

What boots and bindings are you on?

I'm riding the Hylite Focus boot which is pretty stiff, as I like stiff boots. For bindings I choose the NX2 series.

What are your plans for the rest of the winter? Do you plan on taking a break from snowboarding or any plans chasing the snow this summer?

Right now winter isn't over yet. There are some park sessions coming up like the famous Sölden jump, Snowbombing and we are going to shoot some parklaps in Hintertux and maybe in South Tyrol.

I'm going to work as a carpenter again this summer. Just a small break from snowboarding for me in the summertime.

Do you listen to music when you ride? What music have you been listening to lately?

For sure haha! My friends hate me for that. Most of the time I'm listening to some Wiz Khalifa beats and Trouble Andrew.

Thank you for taking the time to answer these Mario. I hope all is well and safe travels out there.

Thank you for this small catch up.

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