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Capita: 15 Years In 14 Minutes



Snowboarding News | Monday January 18, 2016 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

“The idea is that it’s ours. And it should be run and driven by skateboarders and snowboarders.” CAPiTA owner and founder, Blue Montgomery.

Past and present team riders, including Tyler Lepore, Seth Huot, Corey Smith, TJ Schneider, Brandon Cocard, Scott Stevens, and Jess Kimura join Blue in fourteen minutes that offer concise explanation of where CAPiTA came from and where it is going, from small, struggling start-up, to dominanting force in snowboarding, now with its own Austria-based manufacturing facilities, aptly dubbed, “The Mothership.” CAPiTA has long been a brand that has influenced the consciousness of snowboarding and as we watch this synopsis of their success, we are excited for the next fifteen. Cheers.

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