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C Sessions 7 4



Snowboarding News | Sunday April 16, 2017 | Shared By: Transworld Snowboarding

Welcome to Vermont's slaughterfest.

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C Sessions 7.4 | Snowboarding Videos

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Featuring: Shaun Murphy, Jake Gaudet, Levi Gunzburg, Savannah Shinske, Rory Bruder, Steve Lauder, Kevin Raksnis, Joey Leon, Jeremy Ellenberg, Casey Willax, Timmy Sullivan, Max Lyons, Wes Heffernan, Tyler Mengel, & Nate Haust Film & Cut: Devin Bernard Additional Filming: Dan Callahan & Joey Leon Cover Photo: Pat Ryan Music: Trilogyz - Replayzzz Trappinn - Replayzzz

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