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Snowboarding News | Tuesday December 16, 2014 | Shared By: RAMP Snowboards

Hello friends of RAMP,

Sorry I’ve missed a couple blogs, it was madness with the ski show travel and then back to a very busy time here at RAMP, which is great. Many of you have been out on your new skis and boards and some of you have been in some great early snow. This picture is of Brant Moles’s new 192 Peacepipe he was touring with near Alta. He hit a rock so hard that was just under fresh snow he thought his whole ski was blown up. Luckily for him the RAMP skis are bullet proof. On skis with a Poplar or Aspen core this gash would have gone well into the softer core material and caused catastrophic damage. With the bamboo core which is nearly 4 x as hard along with the full kevlar layer, all this huge rock impact did was scrape the base away and leave a “kevlar shot instead of a core shot. All we need to do is patch the base and he’s back out there in good shape.

This factory is making so incredibly tough skis and snowboards. I said bullet proof in the beginning, A couple of our gun toting factory workers shot a Woodpecker with their 22 and the bullet didn’t even penetrate all the way into the core. Our previous Taiwan skis with the poplar core were about blown to pieces.

Yankee Ingenuity and great materials.

Mike Kilchenstein, President and CESnow

Picture of Bulletproof. Links to
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