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Brighton Presents Brighter And Brighter



Snowboarding News | Saturday April 09, 2016 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

Springtime in the Wasatch has been a blast. Sunny days have been interspersed with snowstorms and there was plenty of powder in the month of March before real early April spring riding set in. The locals of Brighton Resort have once again been pillaging the trails for every turn possible, whether fresh snow or springtime slush. Peter Cimmino, Alex Rodway, Drew, Erik Overson, Jack Dawe, Jon Overson, Dirty J, Andrew Aldridge, Peter Cerulo, Matt, Gravedigger, Christian Builing and more have been sending it with the reckless abandon that comes only with warmer temperatures. It isn’t a swan song, though, it’s just yet another crescendo from this magic Utah mountain. Filmed and edited by Seamus Foster.

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