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Snowboarding News | Tuesday December 11, 2012 | Shared By: Ashbury Eyewear

It took a while, but I finally hung with Kooley.

Will Will flake as often as he can? Yes Will will.

Lucky us. Red’s father, Justin Keniston, showed up with Desiree, Bode and Austen. And yes, Sean brought his own coffee to Park again.

Why not laugh at Desiree? Bode and Austen do.

Even Fran, Sean’s dog, is embarrassed of Sean’s basketball outfit. He eventually tucked his pants into his socks too. Only a Jazz fan.

We stopped by Nitro/L1 and Knut was nice enough to keep us warm for the winter. Good thing cause I didn’t own a jacket before then.

I’m probably making too big o’ deal of this, but on the way up to the mountain Sean made one stop for his coffee and another for his bagel. It’s funny to me.

Why shouldn’t I? And it tasted like cake too.

ATTN: WILL TUDDENHAM. Why do you have a handicap sign? Taking notes from Andrew Bynum?

Remember Will Tuddenham from those snowboard movies, well he still snowboards. Here he is seen struggling with his boots.

Politics & Religious Holidays don’t mix well at department stores anymore, and maybe not at resorts either.

Not sure what Will does with those.

Yes Sean, I liked Represent too.

Jordan genuinely excited to snowboard.

Jordan and Jon.

Jon with a melon in the trees.

I blew Jordan’s photo, I’m not quite the blogger Lance is yet. . . not even at the high point and hidden behind the trees.

There’s usually a reason why filmers are behind the camera. #seanmccormick

Jordan. Tailgrab.

Fran loves doing tricks for treats.

Her patience severely tested.

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The end of a season, a great season, describing it as pretty damn fun is reasonable.

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