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Boreal At Superpark 19



Snowboarding News | Tuesday May 19, 2015 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

Under the tillers and rakes of Matt Melilli, Eric Rosenwald, Chris “Jr” Hatt, and Lane Knaack, the Boreal zone at Seven Springs, Pennsylvania for Superpark 19 took shape: a mighty step-over up top, a massive inside-out channel gap down below, a 30-foot gap to 40-foot downrail, and a steel hitching post pointing straight to the sky. From Day 1 on, the riders of SP19 hucked their meat off of Boreal’s burly builds and filled the air space above the Seven Springs base. Over the course of the week, a lot went down on these hefty features and luckily filmer Paul Heran was there to capture the bangers and compile them into this smooth Superpark edit. No rain or fog could slow down the Boreal builders or the riders who were dropping in, so sit back and watch as Brandon Davis, Ryland West, Tim Humphreys, Seth Hill, Nils Mindnich, Chas Guldemond, Christian Connors, Lane Knaack, Oliver Dixon, Jamie Nicholls, Christian Haller, Scotty Vine, and more destroy the finely crafted jumps and jibs built by Boreal.

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