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Behind The Sognar Collaboration And The High Five Collection



Snowboarding News | Sunday August 25, 2013 | Shared By: Pow Gloves

POW Gloves has worked with SoGnar and POW Pro rider Pat Milbery for years to create gloves that speak to the creative and passionate. So when it came to building the High Five into our Heritage Collection we knew continuing our collaboration with SoGnar was a must.

SoGnar, a Denver based shred company has created a rockies culture that focuses on art, design, life, culture, and snowboarding. Our goal with the High Five SoGnar Glove/Mitt was to bring in the creative, passion, fun, and weirdness that SoGnar is all about.


We are so excited to present this fun loving and art inspired High Five Collection and hope it inspires you to dream big, ride more, and if nothing else give lots of high fives!

About the SoGnar Mission
Life is SoGnar, and for many people, life is way too short to not be inspired. SoGnar creates through everyday inspiration from friendships, music, and snowboarding, which is where the roots of SoGnar originate. Encouraging you to Build Locally & Spread Globally…


Company Overview
SoGnar was founded by Pat Milbery, in an effort to spread positive influences and videos that break the ‘norm’ of normal snowboarding videos. Pat linked up with Captain Safety forming the “new” SoGnar in 2009. So-Gnar is dedicated to bringing videos and positive influences on a global scale.

Find out more about SoGnar

Find the POW x SoGnar High Five



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