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Austen Sweetin Signs With Yes



Snowboarding News | Monday January 07, 2013 | Shared By: Yes Snowboards

YES. Snowboard is stoked to officially announce Austen Sweetin joining the team.

An all-round freak that can blow minds on rails and urban features one day and send it with the best of them in the backcountry the next, Austen is a welcome addition to the heavy crew of snowboard legends that make up the YES. Family.

Co-owner and aforementioned legend Romain De Marchi states; “I’m really proud and happy to welcome him in the YES. family. Austen’s a perfect fit to our vision of snowboarding and a great rider that will carry our movement in the future to come. Yes.’s time is now.

The vetting process was pretty easy. Approved by Frank April and the owners and a quick reference from Peter Line himself; “Austen’s sick. All around rider and LOVES snowboarding to death, which in my eyes is more important than anything.”

No pressure Austen! – Welcome to the team.

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