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Arthur Pauli From Ski Jumps To Flow Global Ambassador



Snowboarding News | Wednesday December 17, 2014 | Shared By: Flow" alt="" />

“I did waste six years of my live till I realized, standing sideways is much cooler.” -Arthur Pauli

Back in 2007, ski jumper Arthur Pauli won the Team World Cup at Mühlenkopfschanze, Germany. Seven years later, he rides for Flow Snowboarding. We took a moment to interview and catch up with Arthur Pauli.

Where is home for you? 

Home is where my friends and family are and that´s mostly somewhere in the Alps. 

What do you consider to be your home mountain?

Most of the season I ride the mountains around Innsbruck. Primarily Ehrwald Tirol, Austria as they have a nice park setup that suits me.

How long were you skiing before switching to snowboarding?

I did waste six years of my life until I realized, standing sideways is much cooler. 

Where was the first place you went snowboarding? How old were you?

I was 10 years old when I started with snowboarding in my home resort in Ehrwald Tirol, Austria.

Who were your influences and inspiration snowboarding?

In my youth it was my older brother; pure family love. Also big snowboarders like Hampus Mosesson, Travis Parker, Eero Ettala are riders that I like to watch riding

What is your current snowboard set up? Boots, Board, Bindings? Do you switch it up for park and powder? 

I really like the Helios Hybrid Coiler boots, as the combination of BOA and Quickfit gives me perfect fit. I prefer the NX2 Fusion bindings as I get the perfect power on the edge and a perfect match with the Flow boots. My weapon for the park is the WhiteOut snowboard and when “Mother Hulda shakes her pillows” I love to ride the Darwin snowboard for the feeling of surfing in powder. 

Do you listen to music when you snowboard?

I can´t imagine to ride without my beats ´n bass.

Where was your favorite place to snowboard this last season?

That was for sure Sapporo in Japan. A lot of snow “pow in your mouth” action. 

How was your winter last year?

Last winter the northern part of the Alps did not get that much snow, but most of the parks where in good condition, so I really enjoyed riding with my friends last winter. At least I had a bunch of snow on my trip to Japan.

If an American was planning a snowboarding trip to Austria, what resorts are a must they check out? 

Best parks for me are Mayrhofen Penken Park, Kitzsteinhorn and Seegrube in Innsbruck.

What are some of your favorite apres ski activities?

Depending on how wasted I am, I go for a skate session until I am completely wasted. 

Where is your favorite place to travel, not related to snowboarding?

I like the Asian part of the world. It is totally different compared to our western system.

What do you do during the summer months, in the off season? Do you chase the snow or take a break? 

I spend my summer on my skateboard to keep in shape until the next snow arrives. 

You were a professional ski jumper back in the day. What drove you to screw down from straight airing 200 meter jumps to standing sideways and spinning off axis on 30 meter jumps? 

That´s rather hard to explain. Both are awesome sports. Sometimes you have to change something in your life.

Are you still into ski jumping?

I switched to the coaching side of the sport. Less dangerous and less stressful. I love what I do. 

You had some film projects within your snowboard career, you prefer filming or riding? 

Of course I prefer riding, but in the past couple of years I´m standing more and more behind the camera realizing my own projects. Sometimes, you need to do both at the same time. 

What kind of activities and hobbies do you have other than snowboarding? 

I love to stay sideways, so I skate nearly the whole year. Cinematography became a big part in my life, so I capture everything with my camera. You should check out my Vimeo account and make sure to click on my new masterpiece Riding Wood. That project took me 2 years. I loved to live it.

Riding Wood is a movie about spending epic time with friends, music, cameras and our well loved piece of wood. A piece of wood wich is carrying us on snow for so many years in beautiful landscapes and making those moments unforgettable. The strongest influence of our way of living, thinking and acting. Ride Wood! 

Any words or thoughts you would like to say to the Flow Snowboarding customers and support?

I would like to thank Flow Snowboarding. I mean really everyone in that company! They made my time outside in the snow so much easier and more comfortable. Flow is such a sick brand.

Arthur Pauli rides and films, constantly working on his various projects. Do any of you currently have any edits, films or videos you would like to share. We would love to see them. Connect with us at Flow Snowboarding via Social Media, send us a link to the video and use the hashtag #FlowSnowboarding.

Arthur Pauli

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