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Armpocket To Sponsor Obstacle Course Racer Ralph Avallone



Snowboarding News | Monday April 13, 2015 | Shared By: Outdoor Industry Association

Armpocket to Sponsor Obstacle Course Racer Ralph Avallone Professional Racer gets dirty to raise money for charities that support Veterans
ArmpocketĀ®, the global leader in mobile carrier armbands for athletes, is pleased to announce their sponsorship of professional obstacle course racer Ralph Avallone. The 47-year old Obstacle Course Racer (OCR) has completed the OCR World Championship, and has qualified to compete in the 2015 OCR scheduled for October 17, 2015. Armpocket is the ideal sponsor of Ralph Avallone. Armpocket was developed by a team of active athletes, who like Ralph, realized they needed the ability to carry their cell phones, car keys, energy bars and gels while competing or working out. They needed a carrying case that could support their lifestyles of long pre-marathon training runs and daily gym visits. After trying every type of carrying device available at the time, they decided to create something different. In 2006, they launched the first Armpocket.
Armpocket is now supporting Ralph and his mission to help American Soldiers returning from deployment working to enter back into daily life. These heroes who have bravely protected the freedom of our Nation need the support of us to thrive as they transition from military service. Ralph's journey will raise funds for several U.S. Veteran organizations: iPads for Soldiers, Operation Enduring Warrior, 4 Wheels to Heal, Homes For Our Troops, and Active Heroes.
Like Armpocket, Ralph is quickly becoming a leader in his arena. Ralph is currently ranked 19th in the world in his age group, and he is rapidly becoming a leader in a sport where he was ranked 187th just a year ago. The fact that he ranks 19th out of a group of 730,000 makes the rest of Ralph's story that much more compelling. Eleven years ago at the age of 36, Ralph was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and wound up having a quadruple bypass. After overcoming obesity and depression, Ralph entered his first race and has since become an OCR leader. Ralph has worn an Armpocket in every Obstacle Course Race since he began competing in the sport, and is a perfect ambassador for the Armpocket brand. Ralph's goal is to raise $30-$50 million for US Veterans programs by being the first Obstacle Course Racer in the World to compete in a race on 6 of the 7 continents on Earth in one calendar year. He has registered this new World Record with Guinness and he has secured several Fortune 1000 sponsors, who have agreed to pay per mile as a donation to these charitable programs. Ralphs first World Record race will be on the beach of Normandy on the 71st Anniversary of the D-Day invasion on June 6, 2015. The following week he will compete at the Airfield Anarchy race benefiting the British Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund.
For more information about Armpocket and the Ralph Avallone sponsorship, please visit or contact Jytte Nielsen at For more information about Ralph Avallone, please visit
About Us Armpocket is the global leader of mobile device carrier armbands for athletes. For almost a decade, Armpocket has been providing superior solutions for athletes, engineering an extensive range of solutions in both capacity and functionality, so aspiring and committed athletes alike can carry and protect their essentials, without compromising on fit, or function, and have the ultimate freedom - freedom to perform. Ralph Avallone is an avid fitness leader and Obstacle Course Racer. His inspirational story continues as he has recently qualified for the October 2015 OCR World Championships after overcoming a diagnosis of congestive heart failure.

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