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Arbor Snowboards Superpark 17 Cutting Room Floor



Snowboarding News | Thursday August 22, 2013 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

When the Arbor Snowboards crew made their Superpark 17 video, there ended up being a ton of great footage that just didn't make the cut. After their win in the Battle of the Brands 2013, it only made sense to make a "Cutting Room Floor" edit and give their team one last victory lap. Check out all of the clips that got clipped and may have been lost forever if not for the contest outcome, with fresh shots from Scotty Vine, Nick Visconti, Sean Black, Brandon Hammid, Sammy Spiteri, Erik Leon, Yuma Abe, Mark Reininga, Blake Axelson, Michael Grey, and Joe Bosler with a special guest appearance by Alex Hereford. Arbor would once again like to thank everyone who voted for them in the Battle of the stop for the team, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Viva La SNOWBOARDER Magazine! - Arbor Snowboards

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