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Aerothermr Releases New Aerogel Products For The Outdoor Industry



Snowboarding News | Thursday December 26, 2013 | Shared By: Outdoor Industry Association

AEROTHERM® Releases NEW Aerogel Products for the Outdoor Industry AEROTHERM® aerogel Soft Cooler Case Powered by Aerotherm® aerogel insulation, this soft yet durable thermal cooler case is perfect to take along for your Picnic, Campsite, Biking, Hiking or for all of your favorite Outdoor activities. FEATURES: · Aerogel (Originally NASA developed for space) advanced thermal insulation · Tested and Proven up to 2x's longer duration of thermal performance compared without Aerotherm® aerogel · Advanced thermal protection in the most extreme enviroments, both hot and cold · Superior craftsmanship with quality durable construction AEROTHERM® aerogel Water Bottle Cooler Powered by Aerotherm® aerogel insulation. Whether you're Biking, Hiking, Climbing, Skiing, Walking or camping make sure your beverage remains cold or hot and in its liquid state with an Aerotherm® insulated Bottle Cooler.
· Aerogel (Originally NASA developed for space) advanced thermal insulation · Zipper seam for easy insertion and removal · Weighs much less than a thermos with similar or better performance. · Uses little storage space when folded · Provides maximum thermal protection both hot/cold · Tested and proven the liquid will remain cold for 3+ hours in hot (+40C) environment.
· AEROTHERM® aerogel Foldable Seat-Pad Powered by Aerotherm® aerogel insulation. Due to the proven advanced insulation properties in aerogel, the thermal insulating performance of Aerotherm® foldable seat pads are never compromised or effected by compression. Making this the perfect thermal insulating, weather proof seating pad for all of your Outdoor Sporting Events, Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Auto and more. FEATURES: · Aerogel, (Originally NASA developed for Space) advanced thermal insulation · Very thin (5mm), light weight, durable, foldable · Provides advanced thermal barrier protection by blocking out the cold under seat · Quality construction and craftsmanship · Advanced thermal performance never compromised by compression
- All Aerotherm® aerogel products can be made for private label -
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About: Aerotherm® aerogel insulation
In partnership with Aspen Aerogel, Aerotherm® specializes in the further processing of Aerogel material making it suitable for thermal applications to be used in Outdoor Apparel, Footwear and Gear products. With leading Global Outdoor OEM Brand & Retail partners, Aerotherm® designs and develops custom insulation applications and outdoor products for the consumer goods market. Aerotherm® aerogel insulation is tested and proven the world's most advanced thermal insulation protection used in extreme environments, both hot and cold. To lean more please visit our website About: AEROGEL Flexible aerogels were originally developed to serve as a protective barrier to the extreme temperatures that occur during rocket launches and that affect spacecraft as they are exposed to both high heat and severe cold. NASA contracted our partners Aspen Aerogel to continue its development of the product to produce three variations - Cryogel, Pyrogel and Spaceloft - that are now used in outdoor apparel & textiles, industrial, construction, refrigeration, automotive, medical and commercial applications.

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