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A Day In The Life Of A Snowboard Factory 6 10 14



Snowboarding News | Tuesday June 10, 2014 | Shared By: Monson

A lot of work goes into the products we build, here are just a couple pictures from the factory today." alt="wood-shop-workers" width="612" height="816" />

The wood shop making cores and applying the sidewall" alt="humanity-die-cut-white-base" width="612" height="816" />

Humanity die cut snowboard bases getting edges and ready for production" alt="shot-ski-finishing" width="612" height="816" />

Custom shot skis getting finished and ready for packing." alt="crate-shot-skis" width="612" height="816" />

A crate of shot skis almost ready for shipping." alt="crates-to-fill" width="612" height="816" />

Shipping crates ready for custom snowboards, wakeboards and shot skis." alt="wood-shop" width="612" height="816" />

The wood shop. Stacks of shot skis getting cut out." alt="wake-surfer-prototyping" width="612" height="816" />

Wake surfer prototyping still going on." alt="sublimation-papers" width="612" height="816" />

Sublimation papers coming off the printers." alt="direct-bases" width="612" height="816" />

Digital direct print snowboard bases. We are the only factory in America with this technology." alt="print-shop" width="768" height="1024" />

Plastics getting sublimated." alt="pressing" width="612" height="816" />

Pressing boards.

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