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686 Seconds Remix Powderhounds



Snowboarding News | Thursday November 19, 2015 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

The weightless satisfaction of a deep pow carve is one of the best sensations out there. It’s a pleasure that’s almost animalistic. For this reason those addicts who have a feral penchant for fresh tracks are labeled as powderhounds. They pursue the next turn rabidly, and once they sink their edge into it, are stalking for the next. The only problem is that it’s an endless hunt. You can’t have your pow and slash it, too. It takes unshakable passion in order to keep up the chase, hike about in backlands, brave avalanche conditions, subjecting yourself to the raw harshness of the elements. 686 has a pack of these tireless people who absolutely need a steady supply of deep white. In 686 Seconds they made their appearance, their season’s work catalogued and showcased. Here’s a remix of their efforts and accomplishments, an all-pow bonanza, freed from intermittent urban clips, that envelops you in the white room for five delicious minutes. Starring Andy Berginsperry, Joe Bosler, Enzo Nilo, Mario Wanger, Matt Belize, Sebi Geiger, Forrest Burki, Sammy Luebke, and Marco Feichtner.

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