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linx: instuction/howto: beginner

LINX main: instuction/how to: BEGINNER

  • Board Rider Zone - Learn basic snowboarding techniques, the history, the different styles, and the gear with lengthy explanations and photos. Includes a gallery and links.
  • Boarderplanet - Learn how to snowboard with a complete course. You may ask a question to a professional instructor. There are also photos, technical info, a live camera, and more.
  • Board World - Step-by-Step instruction using pictures.
  • National Ski Patrol- great article for beginners on what to wear and why. It has an explanation of the layering system, talks about different fabrics, and features a great FAQ.
  • outBoard - snowboarding tips- a great starter for beginners about clothes equipment and one of the most important skills of all, getting off the chairlift.
  • Roberts Mini Snowboard Lesson - a good instructional site with great beginner tips and photos from a real intsructor.
  • - Online resource for snowboarding tips and tricks.
  • Snowdrift - The ultimate snowboarding site with a good selection of pics, animations, trick tips, and everything else a good snowboarder needs !
  • SoYouWanna - Learn the fundamentals of snowboarding from this full-length article. Topics include learning the basics, getting equipment, finding a mountain, and taking lessons.
  • Wintercream - Snowboarding tips relevant to and understandable to beginners. Indispensable advice for new peeps on how to ride, equipment, trip planning, clothing, and more.