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Inspired By Pink

Snowboarding News: POC | Monday April 08, 2019

Inspired by EF Pro Cycling_ “I cannot believe it. That was the longest 14km of my life…When I think of champions like Sep and Sebastian pulling for me – it’s everything”. Alberto Bettiol, with a classy solo finish, took a monumental first professional victory at one of cycling’s greatest races,... Shared by: POC Read Article...

Nature And The Whole Helmet

Snowboarding News: POC | Thursday April 04, 2019

Helmets will often look the same, but they are not all created equal. Developing renowned and award-winning helmets, which balance the primary need for optimal safety with essential performance requirements, such as weight, ventilation, comfort or aerodynamics, requires experience, a broad outlook and a team of obsessive engineers. ... Shared by: POC Read Article...

Km Days Inspired By The Inspired

Snowboarding News: POC | Thursday March 07, 2019

It takes something truly special to stand out in life’s constantly updated feed: we all search for a personal connection with our sources of inspiration. Right now, there are two women doing something different; something inspiring; something that connects. Kajsa Larsson and Malou Peterson show their technical ability and the... Shared by: POC Read Article...

Speed With Peace Of Mind

Snowboarding News: POC | Monday March 04, 2019

The sports world is littered with athletes whose accents may not chime with the flag they stand below. It’s not uncommon to hear about athletes who have chosen to sing a different national anthem and represent a country in competition based on other reasons than birth alone; sometimes it’s residence,... Shared by: POC Read Article...

Everyone Can Win Not Everyone Can Lose

Snowboarding News: POC | Wednesday February 27, 2019

Mind-boggling. There’s no other way to describe what Ester Ledecká accomplished at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. One of the biggest bangs in the history of alpine racing…and alpine snowboarding, and one which left everyone smiling broadly, trying to absorb the magnitude and uniqueness of what they had just witnessed!... Shared by: POC Read Article...

The Power Of The Turn

Snowboarding News: POC | Thursday February 21, 2019

Skiing every single day in the winter, whatever the weather and regardless of the conditions is Marcus Caston’s thing; from the first November snowfalls in his home state, Utah, all the way through to his annual Icelandic grande finale in May. He tends not to stop there though, he... Shared by: POC Read Article...

Multi Track Mind

Snowboarding News: POC | Friday February 15, 2019

Specialists reign supreme amongst professional skiers, it’s rare to find one athlete that excels against the watch, in front of a panel of big mountain judges and on the big screen. It’s rarer still to find a skier that has been doing it for a decade or more. In Mattias... Shared by: POC Read Article...

Testing Testing

Snowboarding News: POC | Friday February 15, 2019

Helmets are now a common sight on roads and mountains around the globe. Thanks to a mix of technology, information, behavioral change and regulation, what would have been inconceivable twenty or thirty years ago, is now far more common place. In some countries wearing a helmet has become so... Shared by: POC Read Article...

Simpson Magazine Chpt3 X Poc Devesa

Snowboarding News: POC | Friday February 15, 2019

Inspired by Simpson Magazine_ “The collaboration between POC and CHPT3 to create the Ventral Devesa SPIN helmet and special edition Crave and Require glasses represents an understated triumph. Both parties have so strong an aesthetic that such a successful project could hardly have been predicted. Indeed, placing a pattern inspired... Shared by: POC Read Article...

Life In The Fast Lane

Snowboarding News: POC | Friday February 08, 2019

It takes something special to ski downhill, where gravity is harnessed and worked overtime in the pursuit of milliseconds, and slopes of snow are replaced with walls of ice. Winning World Cup races, or competing in multiple Olympic games, takes something even more extraordinary and it’s easy to understand why... Shared by: POC Read Article...

Scaling New Perspectives

Snowboarding News: POC | Friday February 01, 2019

Like many Swedes, Johan Jonsson was introduced to skiing before he could tie his own shoelaces, and long before he could appreciate the gift his parents were sharing. Those early days have led to a life full of skiing, and unlike many of his friends, his love for the... Shared by: POC Read Article...

The Best Days Are The Bad Days

Snowboarding News: POC | Tuesday January 29, 2019

What defines a bad ski day; Is it one where you are freezing, spend the day skiing ice, have constantly aching feet and bad visibility?  We all have our own ideas of what ‘bad’ means, and when you consider the list of obstacles that can ruin a day it is... Shared by: POC Read Article...

Live A Lifetime Of Good Decisions

Snowboarding News: POC | Tuesday December 04, 2018

Venture into the mountains and you will be met with an intoxicating mix of inspiring landscapes and pristine nature, you will also be subject to the multitude of daily variables that decide whether the slopes on which you slide are safe. Avalanches are as natural as the mountains themselves and... Shared by: POC Read Article...

Icing On The Cake

Snowboarding News: POC | Tuesday December 04, 2018

For almost all her life Kajsa Larsson has been skiing, and yet it still feels like the vast opportunities are now opening up and she’s just getting started. Soon, economics and marketing studies in Oslo will be finalized, and then she’ll follow her calling and “move to a mountain, somewhere.”... Shared by: POC Read Article...

Pioneer Spirit

Snowboarding News: POC | Tuesday December 04, 2018

Jeremy Jones has been a bright star on the snowboarding scene for more than 20 years. As a true pioneer of the sport, leading the way with a new way of accessing the mountains with snowboards and working with mother nature, today he’s more relevant than ever. Eleven years after... Shared by: POC Read Article...

Charging The Calculated Mind

Snowboarding News: POC | Tuesday December 04, 2018

There are a lot of passionate skiers out there. There are even lots of extremely passionate skiers. But in Chamonix there is one skier, who exudes passion and positivity for the mountains more than anyone else, and who’s taking skiing to another level. When Tof Henry talks about what he... Shared by: POC Read Article...

Chpt3 X Poc Colab

Snowboarding News: POC | Thursday November 01, 2018

– Built on unconventional and positive thinking In the summer of 2013, amongst all the horns and chaos pulsating through the Tour de France, a lone racer with the Garmin Sharp team, Ryder Hesjedal, set off waves of raised eyebrows through cycling’s most famous caravan. Not for his racing, power... Shared by: POC Read Article...

Mips And Poc Sweden Have Reached A Settlement And Will Strengthen Their Cooperation

Snowboarding News: POC | Thursday April 19, 2018

SPIN pad On November 15, 2017 MIPS AB (”MIPS”) disclosed that the company had been granted a preliminary injunction in Germany in order to prevent an infringement by POC Sweden AB (”POC”) of one of MIPS’ patents. Following POC’s opposition the preliminary injunction was withdrawn on 16th March and POC filed... Shared by: POC Read Article...

Poc Presents Brand New Helmets And Innovations For Winter 18 19

Snowboarding News: POC | Monday January 22, 2018

POC, which has built a reputation on safety, innovation and design, announces several new major products for its 2018/19 snow collection, in particular two new helmets; the Super Skull SPIN and the Obex SPIN, take center stage with both helmets featuring new technology and POC’s unique SPIN pads, developed to... Shared by: POC Read Article...

New Team Ef Education First Drapac Powered By Cannondale Kit Unveiled At Rouleur Classic

Snowboarding News: POC | Tuesday November 07, 2017

Slipstream Sports formally unveiled the 2018 Team EF Education First – Drapac p/b Cannondale kit at the Rouleur Classic in London on Friday afternoon. Swedish road champion Kim Magnusson donned the race kit, created by apparel, eye and helmet partner POC, on stage alongside Slipstream Sports founder and CEO Jonathan... Shared by: POC Read Article...

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