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Gmbn Understanding Concussion

Snowboarding News: POC | Monday June 24, 2019

The Global Mountain Bike Network (GMBN) is the go-to resource for mountain bikers around the world, providing everything from tips and tricks for better riding, to insight and analysis on every aspect of riding a mountain bike. Their world-class and ex-pro rider presenters bring countless years of experience to the... Shared by: POC Read Article...

Inspired By Dirty Kanza

Snowboarding News: POC | Wednesday June 19, 2019

Photos by: Jordan Clark Haggard It’s long. It’s hot. It has a simple premise and a simple allure that makes it relatable in a way that multi-stage races on the World Tour never can be. But most of all, it’s a crazy race. This year, as part of Team EF’s... Shared by: POC Read Article...

Great Minds Think Together

Snowboarding News: POC | Friday June 07, 2019

It is not simply finished products that change people’s lives; rather it is the concepts and ideas that shape these products. It is only through having the freedom and the space to develop ideas that real change can happen. And often, a different perspective is vital before new solutions can... Shared by: POC Read Article...

Volvo Cars And Poc Develop World First Car Bike Helmet Crash Test

Snowboarding News: POC | Sunday June 02, 2019

Volvo Cars, a leader in automotive safety, is teaming up with top Swedish sports and safety brand POC for a series of world-first crash tests of bike helmets against cars as part of a groundbreaking new research project that aims to further protect cyclists. The partnership is the latest... Shared by: POC Read Article...

Poc Lab Magdalena Lindman

Snowboarding News: POC | Thursday May 30, 2019

This article is part of our series featuring select members of the POC Lab, our scientific forum where we discuss new research ideas and ways we can innovate to enhance safety. The forum takes a holistic approach to safety and develops ideas and perspectives that may not have been previously... Shared by: POC Read Article...

Poc Lab Claes Hultling

Snowboarding News: POC | Wednesday May 29, 2019

“A broken leg is a broken leg, but a broken soul does not heal in the same way. You cannot put a broken soul in a cast.” Dr Claes Hultling, a world leader in the treatment of Spinal Cord Injury (SCI), a tetraplegic who suffered life-changing injuries in a... Shared by: POC Read Article...

Poc Lab Per Hamid Ghatan

Snowboarding News: POC | Wednesday May 29, 2019

Per Hamid Ghatan MD, PhD embodies the scientific credentials of the POC Lab. A leading expert in head trauma and brain injury, whose tireless efforts for his patients led to a law in Sweden that makes helmet use compulsory for cyclists aged 15 and under, he has worked closely with... Shared by: POC Read Article...

Small And Perfectly Formed

Snowboarding News: POC | Monday May 06, 2019

In 1980 a young hippie living on the US west coast read an article about this new “Clunker Bike” movement that was happening in various places around the country, especially Marin County and Crested Butte in Colorado. In amongst doing what hippies did in California at that time Scot Nicol... Shared by: POC Read Article...

The American Downhiller A Historical Bond

Snowboarding News: POC | Thursday April 25, 2019

Over the years American Downhiller’s have created history and built a reputation as fearsome competitors. The ‘American Downhiller’ mission is to empower young ski racers and create a speed-skiing platform for future generations. Supported by the best current and former downhill ski racers and coaches, as well as the most advanced ski... Shared by: POC Read Article...

Cooling The Heat

Snowboarding News: POC | Thursday April 18, 2019

Cloying, clinging, draining, debilitating, pulse-raising, strength-sapping, vision-inducing heat. Extreme temperatures are no friend to the cyclist, something EF Education First Pro Cycling Team’s Simon Clarke describes so succinctly. To discuss with him the searing heat that characterises many of the engagements in the elite UCI WorldTour is to encounter... Shared by: POC Read Article...

Inspired By Pink

Snowboarding News: POC | Monday April 08, 2019

Inspired by EF Pro Cycling_ “I cannot believe it. That was the longest 14km of my life…When I think of champions like Sep and Sebastian pulling for me – it’s everything”. Alberto Bettiol, with a classy solo finish, took a monumental first professional victory at one of cycling’s greatest races,... Shared by: POC Read Article...

Nature And The Whole Helmet

Snowboarding News: POC | Thursday April 04, 2019

Helmets will often look the same, but they are not all created equal. Developing renowned and award-winning helmets, which balance the primary need for optimal safety with essential performance requirements, such as weight, ventilation, comfort or aerodynamics, requires experience, a broad outlook and a team of obsessive engineers. ... Shared by: POC Read Article...

Km Days Inspired By The Inspired

Snowboarding News: POC | Thursday March 07, 2019

It takes something truly special to stand out in life’s constantly updated feed: we all search for a personal connection with our sources of inspiration. Right now, there are two women doing something different; something inspiring; something that connects. Kajsa Larsson and Malou Peterson show their technical ability and the... Shared by: POC Read Article...

Speed With Peace Of Mind

Snowboarding News: POC | Monday March 04, 2019

The sports world is littered with athletes whose accents may not chime with the flag they stand below. It’s not uncommon to hear about athletes who have chosen to sing a different national anthem and represent a country in competition based on other reasons than birth alone; sometimes it’s residence,... Shared by: POC Read Article...

Everyone Can Win Not Everyone Can Lose

Snowboarding News: POC | Wednesday February 27, 2019

Mind-boggling. There’s no other way to describe what Ester Ledecká accomplished at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. One of the biggest bangs in the history of alpine racing…and alpine snowboarding, and one which left everyone smiling broadly, trying to absorb the magnitude and uniqueness of what they had just witnessed!... Shared by: POC Read Article...

The Power Of The Turn

Snowboarding News: POC | Thursday February 21, 2019

Skiing every single day in the winter, whatever the weather and regardless of the conditions is Marcus Caston’s thing; from the first November snowfalls in his home state, Utah, all the way through to his annual Icelandic grande finale in May. He tends not to stop there though, he... Shared by: POC Read Article...

Multi Track Mind

Snowboarding News: POC | Friday February 15, 2019

Specialists reign supreme amongst professional skiers, it’s rare to find one athlete that excels against the watch, in front of a panel of big mountain judges and on the big screen. It’s rarer still to find a skier that has been doing it for a decade or more. In Mattias... Shared by: POC Read Article...

Testing Testing

Snowboarding News: POC | Friday February 15, 2019

Helmets are now a common sight on roads and mountains around the globe. Thanks to a mix of technology, information, behavioral change and regulation, what would have been inconceivable twenty or thirty years ago, is now far more common place. In some countries wearing a helmet has become so... Shared by: POC Read Article...

Simpson Magazine Chpt3 X Poc Devesa

Snowboarding News: POC | Friday February 15, 2019

Inspired by Simpson Magazine_ “The collaboration between POC and CHPT3 to create the Ventral Devesa SPIN helmet and special edition Crave and Require glasses represents an understated triumph. Both parties have so strong an aesthetic that such a successful project could hardly have been predicted. Indeed, placing a pattern inspired... Shared by: POC Read Article...

Life In The Fast Lane

Snowboarding News: POC | Friday February 08, 2019

It takes something special to ski downhill, where gravity is harnessed and worked overtime in the pursuit of milliseconds, and slopes of snow are replaced with walls of ice. Winning World Cup races, or competing in multiple Olympic games, takes something even more extraordinary and it’s easy to understand why... Shared by: POC Read Article...

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