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Crash Pads protective gear were originally designed for specific sports
but through the years we find that our crash protection has a varied and
wide scope. Anyone who has the potential to fall can find a product in
our line that saves him or her from a world of hurt. This has included
but is certainly not limited to mountain Snowboarding, paintball, soccer,
stunt work, rowing, paddling, karate, horse back riding, rodeo work,
clown work, police (bike and horse), wake boarding, and every totally
insane fringe really crazy extreme death defying sport you can imagine!
Our safety equipment is commonly and frequently used for things we would
never think of. Keep in mind our upper body padded jackets are a great
compliment to our padded pants. We know our extreme products will be a
great addition to your other safety gear. Tell us what you are doing
with them!

Address: 86859 Hwy 202, Astoria, OR, USA
Phone: 503 325.3269

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Crash Pads Saved My Butt

Snowboarding News: Ken Price | Wednesday March 14, 2012

Crash Pads Product Review Crash Pads saved my Butt! In late February my son and I headed up the hill to get in a couple hours of riding Mt. Hood. When we arrived in the lot, it was 31 degrees and wet heavy snow was falling. Neither one of us... Shared by: Ken Price Read Article...

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