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Stay tuned. Missing a turn or hit is no fun at all, especially when it could have been avoided. There are only a few things that you have keep in mind, but if you screw them up you could damage your board. The damage is not irreversible, but it could set you back a few clams. Hone your skills on an old board if possible. Once you have the following skills mastered you can charge your friends ridicules amounts of money to tune their boards:

We've broken down tuning basics into three sections. All equally important all different in degrees of difficulty.

First things first, using the correct tools in very important.
Here's what you need Snowboard Tuning Equipment >

So you have what you need now lets try the fairly simple task of waxing your board >

Mastered the art of waxing your sled, OK grab your file and tear up you edges > (Warning don't get carried away, it's possible to do irreperable damage to your board.)

Edge Maintenance >
Waxing Your Board >
Tools For Tuning >
Snowboard Tuning Video >

Snowboard Tuning Video: New Board Prep

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