How to Stay in Shape during the Off Season

Unfortuantly we can not ride all year long, but there are ways to prepare for the first snow of the year.

It is important to stay in good physical shape. Keeping muscles strong and fit is important. This will help cut down your chance of injury. Mountain bike riding is good because your legs get a good workout, it is good cardiovascular exercise and you get to climb and descend the same mountains you ride in the winter.

Muscle memory is also key. There are a ton of killer new skateboards out there that enable the snowboard enthusiast to keep the feeling even if there is no snow. A few of the new boards that try and mimick snowboarding are: the carveboard, mountain boards and the freeboard.

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Surfing is also another great way to stay sharp. Both sports deal with edge control, carving, and spontaneity--- all important facets of snowboarding. Keep the muscles sharp.

Nutrition can keep you going when your friends are falling. In the morning try starting with a solid breakfast. Carbo load in the morning, this will help you keep going at the end of the day. Your blood sugar will also stay where it needs to be, low blood sugar can mess with your head. Drinking beer and eating pizza, cheeseburgers, and brownies in the off season will catch up with you before you know it. Moderation is ok and that is the trick and the key to it all. Balance your self, sooner than later the next season will be here and catching big air won't happen with all those extra chins.

Drink lots of water. Staying hydrated is important because you will stay sharper and prevent headaches. Energy bars are also a good way to get energy when your feeling slow. You are what you eat, so eat right.

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