Your Guide to getting a Resort Job

Your done trying to do the right thing, its time to pack it up and find that dream job on the mountain, boarding all day, partying with the locals at night...

Oh yeah you forgot about work. That four-letter word that is worse than any other in the English dictionary. Working on the slopes can be a great way to score those insane riding days most of us only get to read about but it can also be as sour as a 3 day white out with no toilet paper. There is definitely some good advice out there on how to do it right.

We have put together some information for those of you ready to change your lives and become a snowboard bum.

First, Know before you go Research your destination, get a map of the area, talk to the local chamber of commerce and see what kind of community you will be living in. Do the locals play with snakes on Sundays or is the resort closed on Wednesdays, so Biff and Skip from the club can practice their ski ballet? Will you be living in a loft of an A frame antique chalet nestled at the bottom of the slopes or waking up next to Julios feet at Ted's 24 hr. Laundromat. Research lodging and employment classifieds at the local library or online.

If you decide on a resort and its time for an interview >> , get some sleep the night before, shower, be on time, use clear eyes, and avoid using phrases like "Dude, you're phat and sick and I want to work here!" Remember image is everything and attitude is your best friend. Employers don't care about your mad skills or how phat your 360's look they want an employee who will listen, follow orders, and someone they can trust. Lets face it its not like your going to be building rocket mufflers for NASA, most mountain resort jobs are pretty mindless. Your not there for the job satisfaction only enough money for some Mac n cheese and the opportunity to ride, jump and carve on a daily schedule.

Being a snowboard bum >> can be a most rewarding experience or it can be a bad move only to be relived again and again by parents and friends who said I told you so. If your gonna go for it take some of these helpful links and remember most resorts are pretty small and word travels fast, you better come up with some real good excuses for missing work, but that's another article. Look for our Job information board to be added soon or go to our bulletin boards and post a message.

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