Snowboarding How To's

Freestyle or Technical Riding Style

This style is popular among the younger snowboarders. It includes trick riding comprised of jumps, spins, grabs, jibbing, rail sliding, riding backwards and generally tearing it up. Technical freestyle riding is usually found in the snowpark section of the mountain, or near the halfpipe. Many of today's technical freestyle riders come to snowboarding with experience as a skateboarder, in-line skater, BMX, or other action sports background. While the equipment specific to this type of rider excels in park and pipe riding, it can also be very versatile across the whole mountain at less than full-speed.

Freestyle Snowboard Technical Characteristics

Freestyle boards are Shorter, lighter and softer in flex, this makes them more maneuverable. This characteristic makes it the board of choice for a beginner. These boards are built for performing tricks; spins, airs and riding fakie (backward). Freestyle boards are very responsive; the soft flex makes them forgiving and easy to turn, which also makes these good beginner's boards. They have limited edge grip and stability; and are not good for carving turns or cruising fast. Most technical freestyle snowboards are "signature" series boards These boards are made to the specifications of a pro rider Usually found at the highest price points, "signature" series boards combine some of the most attractive graphics with the latest in hi-tech manufacturing. Extremely light board weight is the most common characteristic of these boards.

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