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Board Definitions - Snowboard Features

Base - Bottom side of the snowboard, the part of the board that touches the snow.

Bevel - The degree of angle to which the edges of a snowboard are tuned.

Camber - The amount of space beneath the center of a snowboard when it lays on a flat surface and its weight rests on the tip and tail.

Capped - defines a snowboard where the top sheet wraps down over the top radius of the core all the way around the perimeter of the board.

Edges - The length of metal that runs down each side of the snowboard.

Effective Edge - The length of metal edge on the snowboard which touches the snow; it is the effective part which is used to make a turn. Therefore, it does not include the edge of the tip and tail.

Flex - used to describe the stiffness and pattern of how a snowboard flexes. Flex determines how a board will go into and out of a turn. This is how a board absorbs to various snow conditions.Flex works in harmony with sidecut.

Front Foot - The foot mounted closest to the nose. A regular-footer's left foot and a goofy-footer's right foot.

Frontside - The frontside of the snowboard is the side where the toes rest; and the frontside of the snowboarder is the side to which his/her chest faces.

Leash - A retention device used to attach the snowboard to the front foot so that it doesn't run away.

Length - Measured from the tip of the board to the tail, usually refered to in Centimeters (cm).

Nose - The front end of the snowboard, specifically the tip.

Nose width - the widest part of the board measured across the front tip or nose area of the board.

Rocker - The opposite of camber, so when the snowboard is placed on a flat surface, it rests only on the center portion.

Running length - The range of the bottom of the snowboard that comes in contact with the snow.

Side Cut Radius - The radius of a circle that makes the hourglass shape of a snowboard.

Side Cut Depth - usually measeured in mm. This is the actual amount of sidecut a board has. It is measured as the difference between the widest point and the narrowest point .

Stance - The position of one's feet on the snowboard.

Tail - The rear tip of the snowboard.

Tail Width - the widest part of the board measured across the rear tip or tail area of the board.

Toe edge - The edge of the snowboard where your toes sit.

Twin Tip - The board has an identical tip and a tail so that the board may be ridden similarly in both directions.

Waist Width - The narrowest point of the board. This is usually the middle of the sidecut, located between the bindings.

Weight of Board - The measurement of how heavy the board is when lifted up, some are lighter than others.

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